Saturday 11th November #usk24hrglobalsketchwalk

Today we took part in the Urbansketchers 10th anniversary worldwide sketch walk. More than 100 chapters of Urbansketchers took part posting their sketches for twenty four hours. If you want to see them look up #USk24hrGlobalSketchwalk on Instagram and Twitter.

It was also Open Studios at Burns Street Studios where Minnie has a studio so we based ourselves there. We were lucky that it had stopped raining but unlucky that it wasn’t as blue and sunny a day as the day before. Minnie, Kath, Anne, Willy and I met at 10am and we sketched in the street until 11am.

Our #USk24hrGlobalSketchwalk time slot was 11.15 – 11.30am so we met up in Minnie’s studio to look at and share our urban sketches with the world.


Its been amazing to see to go on a world tour through urban sketches today!

This is the google map to show ideas of where to urban sketch in the local area around Burns Street Studios.

Ideas for where to draw.



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